Acoustic Wall

Acoustic panels help reduce excessive noise within a range of environments such as offices and schools. We install acoustic panels throughout London, Essex and the South East.


Acoustic Wall Panels Solutions, Essex

AWS Acoustic Panels provide sound absorbing products for walls and ceilings.

Acoustic panels are ideal for both commercial and residential environments where echo and reverberation are an everyday occurrence. Our acoustic experts will work with you to find the right acoustic solution, from ceiling baffles to decorative yet functional colourful fabric wall panels.

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Where are Acoustic Panels Used?

Reduce noise reverberation and excessive noise in a range of environments.

Take look where acoustic panels can be installed, we operate throughout London, Essex and the South East.

Acoustic wall panels for offices

Excessive noise can be distracting, especially during meetings. Acoustic panels are an ideal solution when it comes to reducing echoes.

Acoustic panels for schools & universities
Schools & Universities

We offer a range of durable acoustic panels to improve learning within classrooms where poor acoustic conditions exist.

Hotel acoustic panels

Installing acoustic panels in restaurants and hotels can help owners manage excessive noise within their businesses.

Acoustic Solutions galleries London

The combination of large open spaces and crowds creates excessive noise. Suspended acoustic panels can help reduce this.

Noise echo reduction shops London
Shopping Centres

Acoustic ceiling baffles and acoustic panels are an ideal noise reduction solution in busy large open spaces such as shopping centres.

Noise reduction solutions restaurants London

Acoustic panels help to create an acoustically comfortable environment for customers and staff, making restaurants more inviting.

Play centre noise reduction panels
Play Centres

Installing creative acoustic panels helps reduce excessive noise whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing space.

Acoustic panels gyms sports

Resilient acoustic panels are ideal for sports halls and gyms where excessive noise and reverberation is a constant issue.

Acoustic panels Home office Studio

Create an acoustically pleasing environment in studios and home offices by reducing noise reverberation in smaller spaces.

Corridor ceiling panels London

Echo reduction ceiling panels are perfect for contained spaces where excessive noise is an issue caused by constant footfall.

Noise reduction halls London

Large open spaces and wooden floors creates unwanted reverberation, acoustic panels can help reduce this.

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