Suspended Acoustic

Ideal for a variety of environments from offices to hospitality, suspended acoustic panels are a practical and effective acoustic solution where wall space is limited.

Acoustic Wall Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels

Suspended Acoustic Panels, Essex

Helps to reduce echoes and reverberation in your workspace.

Ceiling suspended panels provide the highest sound absorption rating (CLASS A) and are available in a variety of shapes, colours and fabrics to suit your environment.

Cleaning acoustic panels CLEANING
Remove light marks using a proprietary carpet spot cleaner.
Flame tested acoustic panels FLAME TESTED
Core board tested, offers Class O and Class 1 fabrics.
Suspended acoustic ceiling panels WEIGHT
Suspended acoustic ceiling panels weigh in at 4kg/m2.

Acoustic Performance

Our suspended acoustic panels absorb sound from the front and back surfaces.

These acoustic ceiling panels achieve the highest performance in sound absorption, making it a CLASS A absorber.

Sound Absorption Coefficient | Suspended Acoustic Panels
Frequency (Hz)Suspended Acoustic Panels
Sound Absorption ClassA
Sound Absorption Coefficient | Suspended Acoustic Panels
Frequency (Hz)125250500100020004000NRCSound Absorption Class
Suspended Acoustic Panels0.500.700.851.

Acoustic  ceiling panel sound graphics

Panel Installation Process

Our suspended acoustic panels are easy and quick to install.

The panels are suspended from the ceiling by steel cables from the sofit via spiral hooks which are fitted into the acoustic panels.

By manipulating the length of each cable you can also adjust the height of the acoustic panels.

Absorbs sound from the front and back surfaces.
Dimensional tolerance +/- 5mm.